YBM 생활영어

이전 가서 눈 좀 붙여봐. 다음

오늘도 새로운 표현으로 나의 생활영어 실력을 쑥쑥 키워볼까요?

1오늘의 학습 주제
A: I keep conking out. I’m fading fast.
B: Don’t fight it. 가서 눈 좀 붙여봐.
A: I’ve got too much to get done, for that.
B: Nonsense. You can’t get anything done if you’re sleepy.

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2오디오 강의 듣고, 정답 확인
3해석 및 해설
A: 나 자꾸 꾸벅꾸벅 조는데, 금방 쓰러질 것 같아.
B: 너무 졸음을 이기려고 애쓰지 마. Go catch a few Zs.
A: 그러기엔 너무 할 일이 많아.
B: 말도 안돼. 졸리면 아무것도 못한다구.

[Additional expressions]
*I keep conking out.
– I keep falling asleep. / I’m continuously dozing off.
*I’m fading fast.
– I’m quickly running out of energy. / My energy is fading away very quickly.
*Don’t fight it.
– Surrender to it. / Don’t try to ignore it. / Accept it.
*Go catch a few Zs.
– Get a nap. / Go take a short nap. / Rest your eyes for a little while.
*I’ve got too much to get done, for that.
– I’m too busy to do that. / I have no time for that.
– That’s not true. / You don’t have to think like that. / It’s not necessary to think that way.
*You can’t get anything done
– You won’t accomplish much / You can’t function at all
*if you’re sleepy
– if you can’t keep your eyes open / when you are so tired that you can’t stay awake
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